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Mii wa'aw Elvis ezhinikaazod!

Mii wa'aw Elvis ezhinikaazod.

(this is Elvis as he is named)

Mii go geget nitaa-nagamod.

(definitely he knows how to sing)

naa gaye nitaa-niimid.

(and he also knows how to dance.)

Mii = this, start of new phrase.

wa'aw = this animate being

ezhinikaazod (C-form) = izhinikaazo = S/he is named

E- = Initial Vowel Change I ->E for C-Form

-d = B-form ending VAI, IVC+B-form ending = C-Form

go = emphasis

geget = really, indeed

nitaa = knows how

nagamo = S/he sings

naa = short for Miinawaa = and, also, again

gaye = also, too, and

niimi = S/he dances


Nitaa-niimi = S/he knows how to dance.

Nitaa-niimid = When/that/if s/he knows how to dance.

Netaa-niimid = The one that knows how to dance.

Nagamo = S/he is singing.

Nagamod = When/that/if s/he sings.

Negamod = The one that is singing.

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