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VII- Verb Inanimate Intransitive

Expressing the condition of an inanimate object.  

It is easy.  It is daytime.  It is small.

A-form Positive

Giizhigad           It is day. 

Biidaaban          It is daybreak.

Agaasaa             It is small.

B-form Positive

Giizhigak           When/if/that it is day. 

Biidaabang         When/if/that it is daybreak.

Agaasaag            When/if/that it is small.

A-form Negative

Giizhigasinoon           It is not day. 

Biidaabanzinoon         It is not daybreak.

Agaasaasinoon            It is not small.

B-form Negative

Giizhigasinog           When/if/that it is not day. 

Biidaabanzinog         When/if/that it is not daybreak.

Agaasaasinog            When/if/that it is not small.

A-form Obviate


Giizhigadini           It is day for s/o

Biidaabanini          It is easy for s/o.

Agaasaani              It is small for s/o.

Agaasaaniwan       They are small for s/o.


Giizhigasinini          It is day for s/o

Biidaabanzinini       It is easy for s/o.

Agaasaasinini          It is small for s/o.

Agaasaasininiwan    It is small for s/o.

B-form Obviate


Giizhigadinig           When/if/that it is not day for s/o

Biidaabaninig          When/if/that is not easy for s/o.

Agaasaaninig           When/if/that is not small for s/o.

Agaasaaniniwan       When/if/that they are not small for s/o.


Giizhigasinini           When/if/that it is not day for s/o

Biidaabanzinini        When/if/that it is not easy for s/o.

Agaasaasinini            When/if/that it is not small for s/o.

Agaasaasininiwan      When/if/that they are not small for s/o.

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