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The Importanece of Asema !!!

Aaniin boozhoo anishinaabeg. GaagiigeWaabishkiiMigiziikwe indizhinikaaz. Ambegish sa go mino-ayaayeg. Iv decided to share the little bit Iv been learned about Asema. I'm told it is a gift to us from creator. That all we really need is our Asema. Iv learned it is important to build a connection with our Asema and this is why.

All my life I never knew who I really was. I did not grow up with ceremonies, language, songs or any sort of teachings. I knew nothing of gitchi manidoo or prayer. I had become so lost in this world. I was spiritually bankrupt. I eventually turned to drugs. Not knowing my purpose. Not knowing who I am, Why I am, And where I'm going. I had experienced a lost of identity.

I was told to put out my Asema day and night. To pray to creator with Asema in hand. To talk to him as if he was my best friend and is right here with me. My first thought... this lady is crazy. But at this point in time on my journey I was willing to try anything new. I had nothing to loose. So I did what I was told. I began putting out Asema in the early mornings and at night. Asking for guidance in the morning and giving thanks at night. Over time I felt a change In myself. I felt a peace In my heart I have never felt. My mind began to slow down. I was able to see the beauty in all the life around me. I started to use my name and learned my introduction in our language. I started to believe. I started to forgive and heal. I discovered my voice and songs. Ultimately I discovered the power of prayer and our Asema. That my connection to this gift freely given us, is the only reason why I have found a new belief system.

I learned these past few years it is my responsibility to continue utilizing our Asema. That it is a commitment. A way of life. our way of life. Iv learned That I can not be a part time Indian. By that I mean the work doesn't stop when things are going good and that there is so much to be learned. I learned respect for all creation, I learned I am loved and how to love, compassion, humility, patients. I learned how to be honest and truthful to myself and others. I have learned threw faith in our Asema who Iam. Iam ogitchchidaakwe. Iam a strong Anishinaabe woman. Iam a student. Iam a teacher. I'm going forward in life regardless of where iv been and what iv done.

There so much more to Asema to still be learned. I believe that it is very important to make a connection with the Asema to find ourselves as Anishinaabe. It is important to me because I believe in our prayers, sometimes there answered slowly, sometimes quickly but when the time is right the answers or people or teachings are revealed. I just know threw personal experiences how important it is to utilize our Asema. I pray others find there connections and the importance to utilizing Asema. miigwetch bizindawiyeg.

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